Millet and apple pancakes

You certainly know a gluten intolerant/allergic, maybe you are yourself. If that’s the case, millet is a good alternative. Gluten free, super versatile and delicious, you’ll love it. If you want to make that recipe gluten-free just swap wheat flour for a gluten free flour and you’re set! Back to our pancakes. Millet makes it […]

Mushroom & spinach Pierogi

We visited Krakow (Poland) a few weeks ago and we ate our fair share of Pierogi. It’s basically polish stuffed pasta. There are a lot of different fillings recipes but I chose to recreate the one I loved the most which is : mushrooms and spinach. Every Pierogi we’ve had was served only boiled (see […]

3 cafes to try in Krakow

Polish are huge coffee drinker, night and day the same. It is not unusual to see them enjoying a big latte at 10pm. So Krakow is full of cute cafes and cake shops, here are three you don’t want to miss : Green Times  Located in Kazimierz, the jewish side of the city, this is […]

Vegan fall spiced granola

A fall-ish granola with lots of nuts and seeds sounds good, right ? Make a big batch on Sunday to enjoy throughout the week so you don’t wake up in the morning thinking about what to make for breakfasts each day ! You can eat it on its own, with milk or yogurt. It is […]

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