3 ingredients dark chocolate truffles

I don’t really like dark chocolate. Too strong and bitter for my liking but I have friends that LOVE that so I wanted to please their tastebuds with those mini chocolate truffles. Simple and 3 ingredients. I first did it with sour cream but the « fresh » taste of the sour cream just wasn’t good in […]

Easy cinnamon rolls

Yesterday was my blog’s 4th anniversary! Thanks for your support, comments and everything. It really means a lot.   We all know cinnamon rolls, they’re everywhere. It is deliciously sugary and full of cinnamon. I must admit I kinda HATE cinnamon. But in these little buns, I don’t hate it anymore… I ate one, then two, then…! […]

Chinese inspired beef roast and roasted potatoes

We don’t eat beef very often because it is expensive. So I got that on sale and was thrilled BUT I didn’t want to mess it. 1) Cooking time! Nobody wants an overcooked roast as tough as a shoe sole, 2) Seasonings! So important to enhance the taste of the meat. So I made a […]

Bacon and cabbage soup

A soup that doesn’t need a few hours of cooking to be delicious and comforting after a long day is definitely what I need at the moment. My toddler is constantly crying/on my lap due to bad teething pain so easy dinner for the win. I prefer soup with chunks of vegetables but you could […]

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