I discovered a product I never even heard of in the July’s Gourmibox. Bsissa? What is it? A mix of flour and barley flour, marjoram, anis, coriander and fennel. You can mix it with milk or water and get a drink or mix it with olive oil and sugar and get the dessert you see here. Taste […]

Vegan sesame crackers

Crackers : little things you inhale by the dozens for a snack and that are full of useless unreadable ingredients. Why not make it yourself? It is easy, makes a great activity for kids and it is delicious! The big + in the recipe : the base is neutral so you could flavor it as […]

Memphis Coffee, Vénissieux

Un peu perdu au milieu d’une zone commerciale, il y a le Memphis Coffee. J’en avais déjà entendu parler et on a trouvé une super offre sur Groupon. Du coup, on a fait le périple jusque là bas et on s’est régalé! Existe-t-il un meilleur moyen de commencer un repas excessivement calorique qu’avec des frites […]

Goat cheese and honey stuffed figs

A seasonal sweet and savory treat to serve as a starter or really just a snack. I’m not the biggest figs fan buuut covered in cheese and honey I’m not complaining. I’m in full Fall mode, sorry guys, sweaters are out, leaves are falling and temps are getting chill. You’ll see all the cheese and […]

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