The moistest banana + chocolate chips muffins

The very moistest of all the moist muffins there are in this world, no joke. Melt in your mouth kinda muffins… Chocolaty but not too much, taste of banana is really present and pleasant. The best banana muffins I made at home so far! Banana + chocolate chips muffins (12 muffins) : 3 very ripe […]

Strawberry ice cream with no machine

Summer is here! And with it comes every occasion to refresh oneself, one way is to eat plenty of ice cream. It works great I tell ya. Buuuut I don’t have an ice cream churner and don’t really want to invest right now. So here is a recipe for ice cream made with no machine. […]

Rustic rhubarb mini tarts

Mini rhubarb tarts to enjoy this delicious but short season that is rhubarb season! They look kinda rustic but I like it! Lots of crust so the textures are well balanced. How do you like your rhubarb? I also like strawberry+rhubarb pie, I posted the recipe last year. And crumble… Yummy. Rustic rhubarb mini tarts (6 […]

No bake passionfruit cheesecake squares

Cheesecake is such a summer treat for me, refreshing and yet so satisfying. You can add a lot of fruits. Mine only contains 3 tablespoons sugar because I am so over cheesecakes that are waaaay too sweet and not even THAT delicious. Passionfruit works wonder with this creamy/crunchy dessert, it brings a little zing of […]

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