Activated charcoal cinnamon rolls

Well… I know. It doesn’t SOUND very appealing but what else could I title it ? All occasions are good to add a little bit of « healthy » in our everyday life. Why activated charcoal ? If you have digestive or guts problems, it really helps. It also detoxifies the body, good point. It lowers your […]


I discovered a product I never even heard of in the July’s Gourmibox. Bsissa? What is it? A mix of flour and barley flour, marjoram, anis, coriander and fennel. You can mix it with milk or water and get a drink or mix it with olive oil and sugar and get the dessert you see here. Taste […]

Decadent chocolate cake

Nothing screams Fall harder to me than an ooey gooey chocolate cake. So comforting. Calories bomb : yes BUT so good for your soul. I mean… So good it’s almost healthy. This recipe is an absolute must for 2 reasons : 1) you can have an ooey gooey deliciousness in no time. 2) If you […]

Blackberries and lemon scones

Summer storms are in full swing around here and I’m thrilled. It cooled down a little bit during 2 days so I turned my oven on and baked some amazing scones with wild blackberries my friend foraged in the mountain. So good. I decided it would be fun to that with my 2 year-old and […]

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