Mouhalabieh, lebanese orange blossom flavored dessert

A light and fresh dessert coming straight from Lebanon, Mouhalabieh is very easy to make and require very few ingredients. The texture is almost like a flan, it’s soft but hold its shape really well. You have to plan that a little bit ahead though because it must set in the fridge for a couple […]

Reunion Island style banana cake

I was on dessert duty last week for a friends gathering. They made chicken curry so I decided to stay in the Island food them and went for this delicious Reunion Island style banana cake. My Reunion Island born and raised husband approved, phew. This cake is absolutely scrumptious : sweet, moist with a little […]

4 ingredients strawberries and sweet mascarpone cream

Strawberries season is back! What a treat to eat those yummy red gems that are not grown on the other end of the world. I know it’s tempting to eat those all year long but please, oh please wait ’til the right season and enjoy it at its finest. Now back to our simple yet […]

Lemon curd mini tarts with peanut shortbread crust

I was CONVINCED for years that I hated lemon pie until I actually tasted it a couple years ago… It kinda blew my mind. I love it but I always find the store-bought ones too sweet and it ruins it for the most part. So, you know me, I like a good challenge, I decided […]

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