Overnight vegan chia pudding

Chia seeds are used in a lot of sweet recipe when it comes to vegetarian or vegan cooking. It has good nutritive value but more than that, it can replace the eggs in cakes! Magic. You can also make it a breakfast or snack simply by mixing it with some milk of your choice and […]

Millet and apple pancakes

You certainly know a gluten intolerant/allergic, maybe you are yourself. If that’s the case, millet is a good alternative. Gluten free, super versatile and delicious, you’ll love it. If you want to make that recipe gluten-free just swap wheat flour for a gluten free flour and you’re set! Back to our pancakes. Millet makes it […]

Vegan fall spiced granola

A fall-ish granola with lots of nuts and seeds sounds good, right ? Make a big batch on Sunday to enjoy throughout the week so you don’t wake up in the morning thinking about what to make for breakfasts each day ! You can eat it on its own, with milk or yogurt. It is […]

Activated charcoal cinnamon rolls

Well… I know. It doesn’t SOUND very appealing but what else could I title it ? All occasions are good to add a little bit of « healthy » in our everyday life. Why activated charcoal ? If you have digestive or guts problems, it really helps. It also detoxifies the body, good point. It lowers your […]

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