Quick loaded nachos platter

If you like food platter to share, you’re gonna love this one! A quick’n’easy nachos platter to munch on as an appetizer or a starter. Delicious and crowd pleasing for sure. For the cheese, I used a mix of cheddar and monterey jack but you can use one only. Or classic shredded cheese if that’s […]

Bacon and cabbage soup

A soup that doesn’t need a few hours of cooking to be delicious and comforting after a long day is definitely what I need at the moment. My toddler is constantly crying/on my lap due to bad teething pain so easy dinner for the win. I prefer soup with chunks of vegetables but you could […]

Super moist bacon and olives cake

Perfect for picnic, snacking or lazy week night dinner, savory cakes are a thing I use and reuse all summer. This is a simple version with bacon and olives but really you can throw whatever is sitting in your fridge and it’ll most likely be good. Get creative. This is an olive oil baed cake […]

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