3 dips platter + how to master appetizer boards

What is a good appetizer board to you? To me, it needs 3 key elements! Something spreadable or a dip (here the 3 sauces), some crunch (bread, gressini, crackers…etc) and some freshness (vegetables and olives for my plate). Everything else is cool too but I need these 3 to have a balanced platter. Spreadable or […]

Smoked salmon and cream cheese appetizers

When there are appetizers, you can be sure that I’m going to stuff my face and have no more room for the main when it’s time to eat : that’s bad. So here is a lighter version of a smoked salmon toast (because bread is very filling), it is fresh and delicious! It is also […]

Sardines spread

Summer is not over yet so we better take advantage of it and drink cocktails outside while we can. If you want to munch on something while drinking, here is a sardines spread! 3 ingredients, cheap, easy to make and finger licking good! Make a double batch, it will be gone so so fast. Sardines […]

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