Chicken in lemony + creamy sauce

I know I have a LOT of chicken recipes on the blog guys but we LOVE it and it’s so cheap! It is so versatile, budget friendly, there is nothing you can’t do with chicken. Get it tangy, sweet, sour, crispy…etc. It all works! So today, I am sharing a delicious chicken recipe with a […]

Shepherd’s pie

You probably already know what a shepherd’s pie is, but I was not familiar with the concept at all! It is sort of the US version of what we call hachis parmentier here in France. A layer of meat cooked with vegetables covered with generous mashed potatoes. Bake it to brown the top and cook […]

Pork chops with blue cheese sauce

Because you can not decently spend your winter eating swiss cheese fondue, here is another idea to incorporate cheese to your diet with a healthy-ish recipe. Pork chops with a generous blue cheese sauce, served with some potatoes and greens and dinner is done! A whole delicious meal that satisfies cheese cravings? Count me in! […]

Fall wheat salad with feta cheese and roasted sweet potatoes

Fall salad where you mix raw ingredients, roasted ones, cheeses and a sweet and sour sauce : my kind of salad. This one is really perfect, filling, full of textures and flavors. My husband HATES wheat in this form but he did say that the salad was super delicious so I guess it is a […]

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