Easiest marinated chicken ever

If you don’t like to spend twelve hours in the kitchen to impress your guests, this recipe is for you! A 3-minutes marinade, let it rest + bake it and it’s done. EASY PEASY. Crispy caramelized skin, soy sauce and garlic flavored flesh, what’s not to love? Pure moment of bliss to bite into this […]

Moroccan koftah spread

If you have guests over any time soon, here is an family-friendly, budget-friendly and unique way of feeding everyone! Build a spread with homemade flatbreads, hummus, vegetables and grilled koftah! Then everyone make its own wrap and devour it! Koftah are basically meatballs in a longer shape, with a lot of spices and a few […]

Zucchini lasagna (low carb)

Zucchinis are back on the stall at the farmers market and I am glad to be using it again in this delicious low carb zucchini lasagna recipe. It is a perfect fit for dinner, no pasta, really light and filling. You still have that lasagna taste with the meat and white sauce but the zucchini […]

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