Honey mustard glazed chicken

Honey mustard is one of the best sauce ever in my opinion. So I thought : why not dip roasted crispy chicken in it ? WINNER y’all. Easy peasy to do. You basically just need to roast the chicken and dip in the glaze. Serve, eat, done! Almost too easy. I am so behind on […]

Quick loaded nachos platter

If you like food platter to share, you’re gonna love this one! A quick’n’easy nachos platter to munch on as an appetizer or a starter. Delicious and crowd pleasing for sure. For the cheese, I used a mix of cheddar and monterey jack but you can use one only. Or classic shredded cheese if that’s […]

Chinese inspired beef roast and roasted potatoes

We don’t eat beef very often because it is expensive. So I got that on sale and was thrilled BUT I didn’t want to mess it. 1) Cooking time! Nobody wants an overcooked roast as tough as a shoe sole, 2) Seasonings! So important to enhance the taste of the meat. So I made a […]

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