Lentils and sausages stew

Temps are not very low for an October, quite the contrary actually but I am craving cozy and comfort food anyway so that is what I am making! Here, I made a delicious lentils and sausages stew, nothing simpler but it’s flavorful and everyone licks their plates. I added a little bit of thyme to […]

Chicken with apples and cider

Fall vibes, am I right? Apples, cider, chicken… You just can’t do better than that for a fall themed dinner. Let’s dig in! So first of all, I love drinking apple cider. And I understand from what I read online that what you find in US store and called cider ressembles more a soda than […]

Easiest marinated chicken ever

If you don’t like to spend twelve hours in the kitchen to impress your guests, this recipe is for you! A 3-minutes marinade, let it rest + bake it and it’s done. EASY PEASY. Crispy caramelized skin, soy sauce and garlic flavored flesh, what’s not to love? Pure moment of bliss to bite into this […]

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