4 places to eat for 7€ or less in Porto, Portugal

Here is a quick list of good cheap eats in Porto to eat for less than 7€. Let me give you a few tips before we start : Here in France, water is often free. It is not the case in Portugal, you’ll pay for bottled water if you want to drink. If the waiter […]

Lyon Bière Festival 2018

A few weeks ago I was at this beer festival in my city, a huge festival gathering independent breweries from a lot of countries and some food trucks. Here is a little tour of what I liked, tried  or saw! The flamingo beer from Hoppy Road, une bière bien acide à l’hibiscus et au citron vert. […]

Takumi Ramen, a delicious japanese restaurant (Lyon 2)

Takumi Ramen is a restaurant located in Lyon 2. I can’t tell you what the place look like because I’ve only ordered from Deliveroo (several times because it is THAT good). Meals are always very delicious, warm and with a little surprise (some candies!). So, what can we eat there ? Chicken Yakiudon, stir fried […]

Krakow city guide

Here is a city guide I made for you, it will help you getting ready for your trip and overall knowing what to expect when you land in Krakow! First thing I want to talk about : public transport. Cheap, simple and so practical. Once we got to the city center, we didn’t use it […]

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