The Sweet by Vintage Garden, Budapest, Hungary

We went to Budapest for a whole week last November and while we were wandering the streets we found the cutest and most delicious cake shop. You can eat various traditional (or not) cakes for anywhere between 2 and 5 euros. The Dobos, which is a chocolate cake, is really delicious. And the caramel thingy […]

Cheap eats in Budapest

On the picture above is the Central Market Hall where you’ll find food (more expensive than in tiny restaurant) but also a lot of souvenirs to bring back with you : dried paprika, alcohol, handmade jewelry…etc! This post is a list of what we ate in Budapest, everything is pretty cheap and almost everything very […]

Travel log : Budapest

I must admit that my first impression of Budapest wasn’t the greatest. The streets are dirty, 80% of the buildings are falling appart (even in the city center) and there is a lot of drunk people wandering the streets night and day. The general atmosphere is almost creepy : no lights in our street, deep […]

5 things to see in Strasbourg, France

Here is a quick list of places we saw and things we did while in Strasbourg last month that I recommend you check out. There is a lot more but my time is very restrained with a teething toddler on my lap all day, leave a comment if you have any question or suggestion I’ll […]

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