Bassin Cormorans, Reunion Island

While on holidays in Reunion Island, we got the chance to do this short and pretty easy hike. It leads to a fresh water basin where the water is really really cold (you can tell by the face I have when I enter the water). Baby slept the entire way, baby wearing is really the […]

Baby update : 5 months

Time is flying by ! Here’s my little pumpkin taking her first swim in the Indian Ocean at 4 months ! I didn’t update you for her 4th month but we were on holidays and I got lazy I admit. But I’m back with tons of stuff for y’all. This little girl weighs 6,560kg and […]

Banana and almond yogurt cake

Cold weather is back but I am not complaining here, I love Autumn. It’s not too hot but not too cold and the colors are beautiful outside. Plus, in a week and a half, I’ll be enjoying summer on an island. I have no right to complain. (But if those people that are fixing our […]


It’s back to school season and we have all set our goals for this new year, haven’t we? Ours is definitely to be healthier because man, this summer has been junk food all around and we are not in a good shape (obviously so for me, cause I just had a baby, little bit of […]

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