Chilled cucumber soup

Once again, it is a really simple recipe that I post but considering the fact that I am eight months pregnant, I don’t want to spend 3 hours in the kitchen to have something to eat, I admit. Plus, that little girl inside of me decided that she want to go out of here early […]

Baby update : 34 et 35 semaines

Plus la fin approche et plus c’est dur ! Bébé bouge toujours comme il faut, elle est bien descendue. Elle fait environ 2,5kg pour le moment. J’ai été malade TOUTE la semaine dernière. J’avais des douleurs atroces dans le flanc gauche et ça irradiait dans le dos. Je ne savais pas du tout d’ou ça […]

Roadtrip #1 : Innsbruck, Autriche (Day 2)

What we saw from our window For this second and last day in Innsbruck, I was motivated and wanted to make the most out of my day. I got up at 6:30 with a beautiful and warm sun shining and I went out for a good walk while my husband was still asleep. The view from […]

Pregnancy update : 33 weeks

We’re getting closer to the due date, I’m so excited ! Baby continues to grow at her pace in here and she’s learning kick boxing with my ribs. CUTE but please STOP. I felt a little more energized this week so I took advantage of it to enjoy the summer weather we’ve had this past […]

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