Apple chicken

This is a recipe I made quite a time ago but I’m very late in my updates so here it is ! It’s an ideal recipe for summer nights because it is light, sweet and salty. You can use apples you have kept for a little bit too long and are not that fresh anymore. […]

Gorgonzola and smoked ham quiche

For dinner, a quiche is really convenient. You serve it with a salad and bam, dinner is ready in a few minutes (without baking time obviously). There was leftovers so we ate it again on lunch the next day, wonderful. I bought gorgonzola to make a sauce but it ended up in a quiche with […]

Home made ratatouille

[NOTE TO READERS : We are going on a huge roadtrip through Europe, the blog will be left aside until late August BUT my Facebook page will be uploaded depending on the wifi of the different countries we’re visiting. Join me to see exclusive photos and travel stories while waiting for the corresponding articles that I’ll write […]

Crunchy potatoes

We had the opportunity to stay in a very cute appartement last week while our friends, the owners, were in Iceland (how lucky are they). There is a little garden there, a cat… AND A BBQ. An electric one, but still. We were really excited by the idea of grilling. Guess what we ate during […]

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