6 local food you have to try in Nîmes, France

6 local food you have to try in Nîmes, France


If you’re visiting Nîmes and want to taste local cuisine, here is a non-exhaustive list of things you don’t want to miss there!

1 – La gardiane de taureau


It is bull meat cooked in red wine for a long time, it is very tender, salty and delicious! The meat has a strong flavor but I really like it.

2 – La brandade de morue nîmoise


It is kinda like a cod gratin I’d say. With olive oil, garlic and big chunks of fish. Really, this one is delicious.

3 – Le pâté nîmois


It is a thick pastry stuffed with veal and pork meat (picture) but you can find it stuffed with fish brandade too. Yummy bites.

4 – Les croquants Villaret

croquants villaret

You’ll find these almonds biscuits in a boutique in rue de la Madeleine. I didn’t really like it because it is very hard, almost lost a tooth on that. Aaah. But it is apparently all the rage so I’m putting it here anyway.

5 – Le pélardon


I love cheese. ALL CHEESE. This one is a goat cheese made locally, it’s creamy inside and delicious with bread. If you prefer cheese that doesn’t really have a strong taste, don’t buy this one : it is STRONG (and absolutely perfect with fresh bread).

6 – Les olives (et tapenades)


Olives and tapenades are also very present on the market of Les Halles. Just try what you fancy : garlic tapenade, basil tapenade, even red pepper one. Yum.

Let me know if you’ve tried something I should’ve put on here!

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