Châtellerault tour guide (France)



*This post is written in partnership with the tourist office of the Châtelleraudais*

As said in last week’s post, this week we are talking about what there is to do and see in Châtellerault.

Cruise on the Vienne



This is a one hour cruise, commented by the captain of the boat. He talks about the numerous bridges we encounter and what life was like in here long ago! So fun for kids and grow ups as well.


Blossac’s theater




p style=”text-align: left;”>This is a beautiful italian theatre, it has been restored recently. The visit is quite interesting, you’ll learn some fun facts and you’ll even make it to the stage.
Pro tip for parents : bring a baby carrier or something to wear your little one because 1h30 of wrangling for your baby to stay in your arms is NOT fun (tested and disapproved).


The tourist office also offer all summer long a carriage ride. I didn’t have time to do that but I’m sure it is a ton of fun! It lasts about an hour.



p style=”text-align: left;”>The auto-moto-vélo muséum is very cool to visit, lots of cool vehicles displayed and fun facts to discover. (Free entry if you’re under 25).
The old weapon factory is now a museum and part of it is dedicated to the national school of circus. You can see its two towers from far in the city!

While visiting and wandering, you’ll see some beautiful monuments :



One word : go visit it! It is so nice and there ARE things to do!



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