How to travel on a budget


I love travelling but our budget is pretty tight. I didn’t go back to work after I gave birth to my daughter so yeah, we are on a tight budget. Bye bye travels? Nop.

I could have easily told myself that our priorities has changed (true) so we’ll just stay home and enjoy but no, we can’t get enough travelling and that was not a sacrifice that we were eager to make. So how do we do it without breaking the bank?

1 – Travel closer

Closer = cheaper (usually). We temporary left behind every far away destination (America, Asia), we’ll travel Europe and France first because there is a lot of things to see and it will be sad to miss on that. We also make sure if we are traveling abroad that the living cost is less expensive than in France.

2 – Watch and compare offers

Several times a week I look at trains, flights…etc ads/discounts. I see if there is anything that might fit our tight budget (200€ for 3 days train/flight + accommodation) and I compare it on several websites to find the best deal (I like Momondo). I also keep a list of a few destinations we would like to visit to see if at any moment the price could fit our budget and when the prices are the lowest.
We also compare different Airbnb, it takes time but it is worth it, you find some gems when you search well! And really, I love doing that, spending hours looking for informations, restaurants, good deals…Etc.

3 – Plan ahead

My husband works a 9-5 so last minute deals are not really fitting for us unless it is on the weekend. I’m looking 1 to 4 months in advance when it comes to travelling so he has time to tell his boss he will not be there from this date to this date. But we usually do friday to sunday so he just misses one day of work.
The big advantage of planning ahead is that there are a lot of cheap prices!

4 – Plan your expenses

I said earlier that we spend 200€ (or less) per weekend between the train and accommodation but you have to keep in mind that you might be interest in visiting things there (museums, zoo, monuments…etc). List what you want to do and the prices so you’ll know how much you need. This depends a lot on the city you’re visiting and what you like to do, we just usually do everything that is free and if something is not TOO expensive and we’d like to do it, we just do.

5 – Do not eat out for every meal

I know you’re on vacation, you want to treat yourself but the main reason we book Airbnb instead of hotel rooms is because I want a kitchen. We eat out 1 or 2 times (depending on the prices) and the other meal I prepare in the accommodation. Whether it be pasta for dinner or sandwich to take with us for the day, it saves you a whole lot of money.

I know it sounds annoying and hard to do but when you see the outcome (for us : a weekend getaway per month!) it is so worth it. We’re living our dream of always being on the go-go to visit other places and we don’t spend the rest of the month starving because we spent all of our money. WIN WIN.
By the time you’re reading that, we’re just back from a getaway in Strasbourg, we loved it and i’ll tell you more about that soon.

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