Takumi Ramen, a delicious japanese restaurant (Lyon 2)

Takumi Ramen, a delicious japanese restaurant (Lyon 2)

Takumi Ramen is a restaurant located in Lyon 2. I can’t tell you what the place look like because I’ve only ordered from Deliveroo (several times because it is THAT good). Meals are always very delicious, warm and with a little surprise (some candies!).

So, what can we eat there ?

Chicken Yakiudon, stir fried noodles with vegetables, mushrooms, bamboo shoots… With a delicious yakisoba sauce! (10,50€)

A Gyu-don, minced beef with terriyaki sauce and onions served over a generous bowl of rice (13,90€).

And my favorite : the katsu-don, a breaded pork chop, drizzled with a tonkatsu sauce absolutely divine served over rice (12,90€).

All of that was made even better by this light and delicious japanese beer (3,50€). The portions are pretty generous, it is filling and oh so good! For the price, it is a really good spot.

Adress :
Takumi Ramen
50 Rue Franklin
69002 Lyon