Visiting Lyon while eating with the WagonBar

This weekend, we were invited to hop onboard of the WagonBar (which is a bus) to eat and tour Lyon in 3 hours.

The bus departs from the place Bellecour, when we arrive we notice that the majority of people waiting are quite old but we don’t mind. We are ready to have a nice lunch!

I am just adding a bit of an edit here because I talked with the WagonBar team and they told me that the vast majority of people going there for lunch of Sundays are on the older side whereas on Saturdays for dinner, the dynamic is very different. The experience is quite whimsical too with all the monuments being lit as the night falls, must be such a cool experience too!

We get to our designated table, the place is rather small but feels cozy. The waitresses are nice and very welcoming. The design is pretty neat, chic and even if we are very close to other tables, it doesn’t actually FEEL too crowded.

We take a peak on the menu we’ll be devouring : fall themed menu? I am drooling.

A waitress come to our table and explains that all glasses are magnetised so it won’t fall from the table as we drive. There are also iPads with written comments on the places we are going to see.

Great idea but a few iPads weren’t working due to a stubborn Wi-Fi connexion, it is a shame because it is part of the experience. If you’re a tourist and choose this restaurant to enjoy the tour and discover the city in an easy way, you want to be able to have the comments… So not that good on that point.

The question you’re probably dying to ask right now (I know I did) is : are there any toilets? Yes there are! On the lower part of the bus, you got toilets because 3 hours can be long for some people (me!).

The bus starts driving around, we order a bottle of wine and the first dish appears : ceps textures. It is cep flan with a cep emulsion and a cep crunch.

It just feels like taking a big bite of the forest, fine and delicate. I really liked it. Lunch was off to a very good start.

Then comes the starter : a perfect egg, cooked on low temperature in its shell for an hour topped with fresh truffles. A parsnip cream oh so soft, a few pickles chanterelles. Roasted pepitas for crunch and a homemade corn bread for dipping.

This has been one of my favorite dish! The egg was so perfectly cooked, the light cream, the right quantity of truffle so it doesn’t overtake the other ingredients. Really unbelievable.

The first main was a fish. A wild fera fillet with Sikara pepper from Madagascar. On top was some swiss chards, a swiss chard leaf reduction around the fish. A cider and Kombawa coulis and roasted peanuts.

The fish was cooked perfectly. This dish was very simple but the Kombawa coulis really made it fresh and so delightful to eat.

In between dishes, we got to enjoy the beautiful view of our city : Musée des Confluences, Vieux Lyon, la Part Dieu…etc. It was a bright and shinny day, we got lucky for October!

The second main was meat. A pulled beef marinated in cocoa powder and banyuls wine. Under it was a creamy carrot mash with curry. Roasted hazelnuts for crunch and coriander shoots on top.

A very classic french dish revisited with great success! The beef was melting on the tongue, the mash was carefully spiced with curry. We LOVED it.

For cheese, a comté 2 ways. A piece of 12 months matured comté but also a comté flan with a grape coulis, caramelized walnuts and arugula shoots.

The flan texture was really surprising but you could definitely taste the comté. Everything in a bite made it very harmonized.

For dessert, once again we really enjoyed it, a matcha and hazelnuts biscuit with a crunchy hazelnut topping. A praline cream pipped on top. There also was a caramelized matcha coulis, matcha crumbs and a yuzu coulis.

A perfectly balanced dessert, the praline cream was quite sweet but the yuzu really made it delicious together. The biscuit was divine. Because there is just you and I here, I could’ve really ate two of those.

But I have to admit that after such a meal, you go home rolling like a ball! I really enjoyed the food, look at all those amazing dishes, the tour of Lyon was pretty nice too if you don’t know it and want to tour it quickly. The only low point was the iPad story I told earlier but people onboard were not at faults.

If you want more info about the tour or the prices, please visit their website.



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