A lebanese feast at Liban Express, Marseille, France

When we visited Marseille a couple weeks ago, we were invited to try the food at Le Liban Express in the 4th district. As it names clearly tells, it is a lebanese restaurant. There are no seated areas but we can take away or order.

Two brothers are managing this place and it’s been running for 7 years! And it has a great reputation so here is my very sincere opinion. We ordered take away and despite our 25 minutes bus ride to get back home, the food was still very warm which is a very good point in my book. Good packaging. Shall I show you what we ate?

So let’s start by warm mezzes : falafels, kibbeh (beef meatballs stuffed with cracked wheat), beef samboussik, cheese and spinaches rikakats.

Well honestly… Everything was delicious! Kibbeh were very tender and full of good spices. I also loved the spinach rikakats that I was trying for the first time. Not too filling, it was perfect.

Cold mezzes didn’t disappoint either : hummus, eggplant caviar, fig leaf stuffed with rice, pickled chilis and turnips, soudjouk (spicy beef sausage), tabbuleh, labneh and red bell pepper eggplant caviar.

Stuffed fig leaves were a big novelty for me, it wasn’t my favorite part but I enjoyed it, it was refreshing. I can’t really compare though because I never had it.

Everything was suuuuper good… But honestly? This red bell pepper eggplant caviar : WOW. THE BOMB. Unbelievably good. With lebanese bread, it was amazing. Order this one, don’t miss out, it’s THAT good.

So I was clearly already in a food coma at that stage… But let’s talk about the main dish! There were 2 kabobs : a chiche taouk (marinated chicken) and a kofta with a generous portion of rice.

The kabobs were really moist, not dry at all and very well spiced. It was really really good. But soooo copious that we couldn’t eat it all and saved some for the next day. Which is a good point because we are kinda big eaters and we couldn’t finish so… generous portions indeed.

A few sweet treats to end our fest. A baklavas assortment : my favorite was the tube one. Really nice with a cup of tea.

Would I recommend Liban Express? ABSOLUTELY. We had a blast, our bellies were happy, we traveled with each bites and the owners are so nice. Don’t overthink it : order yourself some delicious treats from there!

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