How to get your kids to like fruits and vegetables ?

Getting our kids to eat fruits and vegetables can be challenging, more so to make them LIKE it. My daughter used to be really good at that until she reached 17 months, now it is a war that I’m battling. She is getting pickier by the day I swear. So here are the tips I […]

My tips to travel with a baby

All of you new parents (or not) out there, I know traveling with a baby might cause you anxiety. So here are my top tips to make it smooth(er). The train/car/plane trip The most stressful part in my opinion. We’re used to plane and train when we travel (we went to Reunion Island when Luyana […]

Baby update : one year

You turned 1 a few days ago. It’s been a year you came into our life and changed it for the better. You still have only 2 teeth (it’s been 4 months now) but your 2 top front are coming out while I write this post. You are not walking on your own yet but […]

Now that you sleep

If you’ve read my other posts in the baby section of this blog, then you know that my baby girl Luyana wasn’t sleeping at night anymore after we went for a month long vacation in Reunion Island to visit family. I called my mother crying, threatening to come and live at her house again to […]

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