2 ingredients rich and creamy chocolate pots

Chocolate pots that only require two ingredients, a few minutes of cooking and are delicious? That is my kind of summer dessert, served with a gigantic ice-cream scoop it really balances the richness and creaminess of that dessert and complement it really well. So easy to make you can’t fail! Put it in small pots […]

Overnight vegan chia pudding

Chia seeds are used in a lot of sweet recipe when it comes to vegetarian or vegan cooking. It has good nutritive value but more than that, it can replace the eggs in cakes! Magic. You can also make it a breakfast or snack simply by mixing it with some milk of your choice and […]


It’s back to school season and we have all set our goals for this new year, haven’t we? Ours is definitely to be healthier because man, this summer has been junk food all around and we are not in a good shape (obviously so for me, cause I just had a baby, little bit of […]

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