Spinach & salmon in creamy sauce

Here is one more salmon recipe, very much inspired by this recipe. You can find more salmon recipe just by clicking here. So here we have two beautiful salmon pieces swimming in a pool of creamy sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatoes, with a glug of white wine and parsley. Smooth, creamy, absolutely delicious. […]

Figs and goat cheese salad

A salad full of Fall vibes because we have to wrap our head around the fact that Summer is over and we have to enjoy Fall produces because I love them so so much. Fall might be my favorite season, crisp air but the days aren’t too short yet, rain, mushrooms. Pretty for the eyes, […]

Creamy mushroom pork chops

Encore une idée de dîner simple et rapide à réaliser! On fait dorer la viande, on fait revenir les champignons, on ajoute la crème et le tour est joué. Facile, non? C’est super bon avec du riz ou des pâtes et beaucoup beaucoup de persil! J’espère que la rentrée a été bonne pour vous! Ici […]

Garlic butter salmon

Have I already told you how much I love salmon? That’s my favorite fish ever. I love it raw in sushis or poke, but also cook in every shapes and forms! So here it is with a little coriander and garlic butter which is absolutely fantastic. So simple, very cool for back to school because […]

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