Homemade burger buns

Why would you do it at home if you can buy it at the store ? The second option is faster and easier, sure. But read the ingredients… How many ingredients can you not pronounce? The composition is sometimes not that bad but again, homemade allows you to CHOOSE what you put in this dough […]

Rosemary foccacia

The smell of the pizza dough raising, of the foccacia straight out of the oven… I love it but we rarely take time to do it from scratch. It is a shame because it is really quick and easy, the only bummer is the raising time but you can do it the morning for lunch […]

No-knead bread

I love cooking but what I love overall is eating. You easily understand that waiting 3 to 4 hours for something to be ready is pure torture. So when I found Christel‘s bread recipe, I got really excited. Ok, it is not the best bread I’ve eaten but for a first try, it was delicious. The inside […]

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