Crunchy almond granola

Un petit granola croustillant aux amandes parce que dans du yaourt c’est tellement bon! Ou dans du lait… Ou tout seul à même le pot… Je dis pas que je l’ai fait mais… Un peu quand même! C’est sucré mais juste ce qu’il faut, les amandes sont toastées et les flocons d’avoine caramélisés. Un gros […]

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry coulis

Here is a sunny treat for y’all today because french strawberries are back on the market stall and I couldn’t be happier. It just feels good to add a little bit of variety to my shopping list and some colors too! Panna cotta takes literally 5 minutes to make, nothing easier. No need for fancy […]

Chia seeds banana bread muffins

Banana bread muffins with chia seeds, why? Well, chia seeds are pretty, very aesthetic and add a little crunch. But that is not why I did that : they are full of antioxydants and a good plant protein source too. Those sweet little muffins are fluffy and light. It is the perfect breakfast on the […]

Lemon & blueberries ricotta pancakes

I know, this is more of a holiday/weekend breakfast when you have actual time to make it but also to enjoy it! But you can absolutely prep the batter the day before and just cook your pancakes in the morning. Those pancakes are very moist and fluffy, have a nice lemony flavor and blueberries really […]

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