Apricots clafoutis

I promised more summery recipes so here is one to make the most of the short apricots’ season. I love this recipe, the flavors are really balanced and delicate. A clafoutis that goes well with the sourness of apricots! You cook the apricots in butter and sugar first to make it less sour. It is really […]

Easy and creamy lemon cheesecake

There are hundreds of cheesecake recipes on the internet and I couldn’t find one that really fit my liking so I mixed a few of these and came up with this one. It is tasty, has a creamy texture and it is not too sweet. No refined sugar in here, I used agave syrup and […]

Apricot jam rolls

If you have friends over for tea time or an afternoon snack, these rolls will up your game. Quick to prepare, you eat them straight out of the oven. And if you don’t like apricot, use the jam of your choice ; easy peasy! As we’re using puff pastry, it will not be as good […]

Raspberries and nectarines crumble

Desserts and I have a love-hate relationship. I mean, I love desserts : chocolate, cheesecakes, cakes…etc I love it. BUT if I have to choose I’ll always have a savory snack instead. Because cheese, meat, eggs are my things! So I decided to try and eat more desserts (it is a thing you know) but […]

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