Granola and yogurt fruit tart

I like granola in my morning yogurt but this time it is upside down. A granola cup filled with yogurt and topped with delicious fresh fruits. It makes a killer breakfast (or dessert)! You could use any seeds or nuts you like if you have allergies or just personal preference! I made it with honey […]

Mojito strawberry galette

Why mojito? Well, this wasn’t intended to taste like a mojito but when I took a bite I was like.. Wait? WHAT? It’s like eating a strawberry mojito! No alcohol though but still all the other ingredients are there. It is such a pretty galette, you’ll eat it in a pinch. Strawberries get all jammy […]

Rustic peach galette

I know it is a bit hot to turn the oven on these days but I’d burn in my kitchen for this delicious galette! It is so yummy, the dough is flaky and just right. It doesn’t take much time to make which is always great! And the filling is syrupy, sweet and sour. So […]

Lemon curd parfaits

Here is a quick and very good looking dessert (or snack). Lemon curd adds all the necessary sugar so no need to sweeten the yogurt beforehand. The almond granola is perfect for this, it is crunchy with big bits of almonds for good textures! Lemon curd parfaits (serves 6) : 300g greek yogurt a few […]

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