Lemon & blueberries ricotta pancakes

I know, this is more of a holiday/weekend breakfast when you have actual time to make it but also to enjoy it! But you can absolutely prep the batter the day before and just cook your pancakes in the morning. Those pancakes are very moist and fluffy, have a nice lemony flavor and blueberries really […]

Vanilla cream filled doughnuts

When I do pastry, I leave no room for invention. It is a precise science and I had way too many bad experiences to be confident in doing something new at my level! So I followed this amazing recipe for these doughnuts, I found the detailed steps were sometimes missing a few details so I […]

Chia seeds strawberry jam

This jam has been a game changer in our household. My husband HATES jam because it is too sweet for him (and it is, sweet) but this one he devoured! I only made two small jars to try it out and in a couple of days it was almost gone. You could do that with […]

Fluffy lemon and kefir cake

Have you ever heard of kefir? Don’t run please. It is basically fermented milk. It gives cakes, pancakes and all sorts of sweet treats a wonderful fluffiness. It tastes like yogurt but is much runnier. So here is my cake : kefir and lemon because I love lemon! I put the zest AND the juice […]

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