Spinach & salmon in creamy sauce

Here is one more salmon recipe, very much inspired by this recipe. You can find more salmon recipe just by clicking here. So here we have two beautiful salmon pieces swimming in a pool of creamy sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatoes, with a glug of white wine and parsley. Smooth, creamy, absolutely delicious. […]

Sea food pasta

Here is yet again a very simple recipe to make, it has a very big WOW factor, which is always good. I went the easy way by using frozen sea food mix but you could use fresh if you prefer, it’ll just be a little longer to cook! Garlic + parsley + lemon : can’t […]

Lemon and garlic grilled sardines

Oh the sweet memories of Portugal… The smell of sardines grilling in the inner courtyards or on the sidewalk, the crispiness of the skin and the delicate flavor of the flesh! Here is a pretty similar version to what we ate in Porto. Sardines are very fragile so be careful and gentle when moving them […]

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