Spring rolls with peanut butter dipping sauce

Spring rolls are so refreshing but it kinda takes some time but once you master the folding part, it all goes pretty quick. What do we put inside? I sticked with traditional flavors because it was my first ever spring rolls : carrots, mint, coriander, cucumber, salad, noodles and shrimps! I really enjoyed it, the […]

Zesty poke bowls

They are raging on every food blog I come across. Freshly delivered from Hawaii: everyone seem to have a Poke bowls recipe to offer. So do I. Not one bit authentic I know but just so good you’ll forgive me. I’ve not been too adventurous on this one though, I must admit. I stayed on […]

Crab cakes

I’m always on the hunt for a good lunch idea! It had to be quick, easy, delicious and filling so that I don’t spend the afternoon snacking. This recipe is perfect for that, you can eat the crab cakes with salad, riz, quinoa or even pasta! It goes well with pretty much everything and the […]

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