Herby oven confit tomatoes

I love love love tomatoes and I have plenty recipes using this ingredient here on the blog, for example my tomatoes à la provençale! But one thing I really dream of during long Winter is this : oven confit tomatoes. Served over rice with roasted chicken… So simple yet really summery and absolutely divine. Herby […]

Fried paprika chicken bites

Nothing quite as delicious as a big bowl of fried chicken after a long long day. Healthier than KFC, cheaper and very delicious. I made a sweet and savory spice mix that I absolutely loved in this recipe. Fry the chicken enough time for it to be cooked inside but also very crispy outside, that […]

Kibbeh, lebanese meatballs

Meatballs stuffed with… beef! And spices… Oh if you could just smell it when it it baking in the oven, so good. I couldn’t wait to bite into one! There are plenty of steps in the recipe but it is quite simple and easy. I prepped the stuffing and the “coating” the night before, this […]

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