Chicken fajitas

Such a cozy and family meal to make and eat! It is fun for everyone, you stuff your tortillas with whatever toppings you want. We went for : avocado, hot sauce, fresh tomatoes, cilantro and sour cream! I know this isn’t very traditional (I guess?) but it is very very good. It is ready in […]

Chicken piccata

Crispy outside, soft inside with a savory and sour sauce? A big yes for me! Chicken piccata is basically breaded chicken drizzled with a caper and lemon sauce, so so good. You serve that with a little bit of veggies and pasta or a big bowl of greens and you’re set. A nice cozy Italian […]

Spinach & salmon in creamy sauce

Here is one more salmon recipe, very much inspired by this recipe. You can find more salmon recipe just by clicking here. So here we have two beautiful salmon pieces swimming in a pool of creamy sauce with spinach and sun dried tomatoes, with a glug of white wine and parsley. Smooth, creamy, absolutely delicious. […]

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