Potatoes röstis

One day I’ll be rigorous with this blog but it is apparently not today. I’m working on it. Well, I know. This is far too easy of a recipe to appear on a “food blog” BUT it is a good recipe for a brunch or to serve as a side dish of meat. That’s how […]

Parmesan corn on the cob

Since we got our bbq, I’m experiencing grilling recipes. The weather we have, aka heat wave, is not ideal to grill but I do it anyway. I don’t want Fall to come and me being like “I didn’t grill enough” ! So, let’s try and make the most of Summer while it’s here. Once again, […]

Creamy & cheesy mushroom pie

Mushroom pie

We recently went to have dinner at some of our friend’s house and as a starter, they made us a delicious mushroom pie with wild mushrooms they found in the Pilat. It was really really good. So when we talked about this week’s mealplan with my husband, he requested one. I was looking for a good […]

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