Colorful coleslaw

Here is a side dish that is a little less boring than the old fashioned lettuce leaves with dressing! It is crunchy, a little spicy with the mustard, creamy and colorful. I love it! Ready in 10 minutes, it is a sure crowd pleaser. I added a little red cabbage for color even though I […]

Lentils & spinach coconut milk soup

I don’t know you but I am not ready to let go to Winter just yet! Spring is around the corner with the warmer temps we’ve had here in France but I hold on to my dear soups for a couple more weeks. This one is like a big hug on a very cold night. […]


I discovered this dish in Jerusalem from Yotam Ottolenghi and fell in love with picture. I just couldn’t NOT make this recipe. It made me travel with all the spices and textures… It is basically rice + lentils + fried onions, so yummy. I love deep fried food but I hate actually frying food because […]

3 minutes spinach pesto pasta

Are you done with spinach yet? Because I sure am not! First, it is in season and second it is super delicious. This recipe is great for lazy people like me that have a ton of spinach of hand but have 0% motivation to cook it. Blend it and it’s done! Pesto without pasta is […]

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