Creamy ricotta and spinach pasta

A big bowl of pasta after a long day is always a big pleasure to me! These ones are the creamiest pasta ever with a ricotta sauce and a little spinach for texture and tricking myself into thinking this is kind of healthy šŸ˜‰ I like to use fresh spinach for this recipe as it […]

Veggie noodles stir fry

Typically my kind of meal! Easy, quick and uber delicious! I just throw everything that is in the fridge and need to be used up. Get creative with the vegetables, it is good with almost every single one of them. You could also add some fruits like pineapple. For the oyster sauce, you can find […]

Easy creamy penne gratin with cottage cheese

My 3yo started school this year! I am so glad it was an easy transition and she didn’t scream or cried, it would’ve break my heart. New rhythm means new way of utilizing our time efficiently to fit everything in the planning without eating junk food every day. This is where this gratin enters the […]

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