Roasted potatoes with garlic dip

Roasted potatoes are a hit, maybe one of my favorite way to eat potatoes. I do that very often because it is easy, quick and delicious with almost everything. But the garlic dip make this common side dish really chic and classier. Garlic is so underrated it makes me sad. It is so good, I […]

Vegan chickpea curry

This month’s vegan recipe is this delicious and super easy chickpea curry. If you don’t know what’s going on with the vegan recipes on my blog, please read this post. As I just said, it is the simplest recipe yet it is very good and filling. I don’t use chickpeas very much in my day […]

Vegan seeds crackers

Today marks three years of me blogging on Travel & Food. Three years that I share recipes and motherhood related posts. Thank you for all your visits on this website, your comments and your kind words on social media. But here is to the main topic. I decided that this year, I will share with […]

Potatoes röstis

One day I’ll be rigorous with this blog but it is apparently not today. I’m working on it. Well, I know. This is far too easy of a recipe to appear on a “food blog” BUT it is a good recipe for a brunch or to serve as a side dish of meat. That’s how […]

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