Herby oven confit tomatoes

I love love love tomatoes and I have plenty recipes using this ingredient here on the blog, for example my tomatoes à la provençale! But one thing I really dream of during long Winter is this : oven confit tomatoes. Served over rice with roasted chicken… So simple yet really summery and absolutely divine. Herby […]

Fried paprika chicken bites

Nothing quite as delicious as a big bowl of fried chicken after a long long day. Healthier than KFC, cheaper and very delicious. I made a sweet and savory spice mix that I absolutely loved in this recipe. Fry the chicken enough time for it to be cooked inside but also very crispy outside, that […]

Crunchy almond granola

Un petit granola croustillant aux amandes parce que dans du yaourt c’est tellement bon! Ou dans du lait… Ou tout seul à même le pot… Je dis pas que je l’ai fait mais… Un peu quand même! C’est sucré mais juste ce qu’il faut, les amandes sont toastées et les flocons d’avoine caramélisés. Un gros […]

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