Coconut and lime baked chicken

If you have been following my blog for awhile, you might have seen a few marinated chicken recipes on here because I just LOVE that. Simplicity at its finest, tasty and crowd pleasing. This time I am twisting it a bit with coconut milk and lime for instant freshness. You can marinate the chicken for […]

Lemon & blueberries ricotta pancakes

I know, this is more of a holiday/weekend breakfast when you have actual time to make it but also to enjoy it! But you can absolutely prep the batter the day before and just cook your pancakes in the morning. Those pancakes are very moist and fluffy, have a nice lemony flavor and blueberries really […]

Butter chicken

I ordered that recently at an Indian restaurant and wondered why I never tried doing it at home, I love it! And I think I kind of nailed it. I am very happy with this version. The sauce is thick and full of flavors! Of course, for the extra Indian restaurant feeling, I made homemade […]

Hibiscus iced tea

Spring is here, so here I am making a simple refreshing hibiscus drink! An herbal tea that is iced, slightly sweetened and brought to life with lime, a delicious concoction if you ask me. I love making big batches of these kind of drinks when it gets hotter, it makes me drink more water and […]

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