Camembert tart

Do you know Camembert? If you don’t, it is a stinky french cheese but I just ADORE it. I get that some people can’t stand it because it is not a mild flavor but if you like stinky cheese, then you’re going to love this recipe. Bacon cooked with lots of onions… Lots of cheese! […]

3 minutes spinach pesto pasta

Are you done with spinach yet? Because I sure am not! First, it is in season and second it is super delicious. This recipe is great for lazy people like me that have a ton of spinach of hand but have 0% motivation to cook it. Blend it and it’s done! Pesto without pasta is […]

Baked egg custard

Baked egg custard is a dessert I absolutely love! Super easy to make and a sweet childhood memory of mine. I add a dash of vanilla because it is so good like that… If you like really sweet egg custard, feel free to put more sugar in there. I recommend using whole milk because, even […]

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