Homemade burger buns

Why would you do it at home if you can buy it at the store ? The second option is faster and easier, sure. But read the ingredients… How many ingredients can you not pronounce? The composition is sometimes not that bad but again, homemade allows you to CHOOSE what you put in this dough […]

Oat and brown sugar topped apple crisp

October is one of my favorite month of the year. The crisp air outside, the leaves turning orange, the last of summer’s produces and the appearance of all sorts of squash at the farmer’s market. It gets me excited for Winter! My house will consistently smell like soup and I will live in knitted sweaters. […]

Garlic roasted broccoli

Be it as a side dish or on its own, this garlic roasted broccoli recipe are fancy and easy. Mix it all in a bowl, put it on a baking sheet and see ya when you’re done broccoli! The natural sugar in the vegetables caramelizes and makes them addictive. Try it with whatever veggie you’re […]

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