Pumpkin spice and honey roasted squash

Fall cliché : squash. In all shapes and tastes, they are absolutely perfect to cook with. Throw it in the oven with spices, add some poultry and dinner is served! I served mine with chicken, yummy. If the skin of your squash is quite thin, don’t even bother peel it. I didn’t with my red […]

Fluffy challah bread

Challah bread is a traditional jewish bread. It is kinda like brioche but no butter and less sugar. It takes time to make, I’m not gonna lie. But it is not complicated, just asks for patience. It fits breakfast perfectly but is also delicious with a saucy dinner or a soup. Tried both and it […]

Sloppy joes

You probably knew that I would share a recipe that uses the buns recipe I posted last week and you were right! I made some sloppy joes. Perfect for a weeknight dinner, it takes 20 minutes to prep and it tastes great. + little ones LOVE burgers, everyone is pleased. If you don’t know what […]

Homemade burger buns

Why would you do it at home if you can buy it at the store ? The second option is faster and easier, sure. But read the ingredients… How many ingredients can you not pronounce? The composition is sometimes not that bad but again, homemade allows you to CHOOSE what you put in this dough […]

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