Spaghetti with capers and green olives tomato sauce

This is the vegan recipe for March (I procrastinated it until last minute). It is a simple pasta dish but the sauce is everything here, delicious, flavorful and rich. I don’t really like capers but here, the flavor is not too tough and it goes really well with everything else. I bought a basil marinara […]

Vanilla and chocolate marble cake

If you are looking for a mid afternoon snack idea for your kids (or yourself, I mean I would), here is the recipe that you need. Simple, cute : winner. A marble cake probably reminisces some childhood memories for you. At least it does for me. I personally love the marble cake from french brand […]

Crab cakes

I’m always on the hunt for a good lunch idea! It had to be quick, easy, delicious and filling so that I don’t spend the afternoon snacking. This recipe is perfect for that, you can eat the crab cakes with salad, riz, quinoa or even pasta! It goes well with pretty much everything and the […]

Roasted potatoes with garlic dip

Roasted potatoes are a hit, maybe one of my favorite way to eat potatoes. I do that very often because it is easy, quick and delicious with almost everything. But the garlic dip make this common side dish really chic and classier. Garlic is so underrated it makes me sad. It is so good, I […]

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