Chocolate muffins

I set a goal for our little family of three, I would like to stop buying processed food for our breakfasts (such as cereals or cakes…). I am far away from there at the moment but I am experimenting with recipes to get closer to that. You make 10 muffins out of the batch so […]

Thaï green curry

A recipe packed with vegetables, protein and spices : my kinda thing. It is pretty much healthy. But if you don’t like fiery dish, then skip the recipe because spicy it is. I found the recipe here and adapted it  a bit. The recipe is super simple, you need a bit of exotic ingredients but […]

Lunch toasts 2 ways

I’ve running on little to no sleep these days because of a teething baby. So this is not really a recipe but more of an easy lunch idea for you, quick to put together, pretty and delicious (mamas out there, you feel me I’m sure). I used rye bread but use what you want, every […]

Spaghetti with capers and green olives tomato sauce

This is the vegan recipe for March (I procrastinated it until last minute). It is a simple pasta dish but the sauce is everything here, delicious, flavorful and rich. I don’t really like capers but here, the flavor is not too tough and it goes really well with everything else. I bought a basil marinara […]

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