Pork & cabbage stuffed bites

When I went to the Reunion Island in May 2013, I tasted those wonderful culinary marvels that are those things. They’re called “Bouchons”. When I got back in Lyon, I tried to find some but I couldn’t. While scrolling Pinterest a night, I found a recipe for these. My husband (who’s from the Reunion Island) […]

Chilled cucumber soup

Once again, it is a really simple recipe that I post but considering the fact that I am eight months pregnant, I don’t want to spend 3 hours in the kitchen to have something to eat, I admit. Plus, that little girl inside of me decided that she want to go out of here early […]

Chinese inspired stir fry

My pantries are always full but when I decide to cook a special recipe, I am always running out of the what’s needed. What kind of sorcery is this ? This time, I was all into making myself a big bowl of chinese noodles and then no noodles in the pantries. WHAT ? This couldn’t […]

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