Tahini-free hummus

Tahini-free hummus? What a shame! I know! But guys… Everytime I crave hummus, I don’t have tahini on hand and this stuff is not easy to find where I live so you know, I told myself I might as well try to make it without tahini. WINNER, it is delicious. One stone, two birds, it […]

Peas, mint and feta fritters

Summer is coming our way! And with it, its high temperatures. I’ll crave fresh food more than anything else. I’m basically able to live of watermelon during summer. Those fritters are ideal for a summer lunch! I love their minty taste, it’s moist and crunchy, really I love this recipe. If you like little bite […]

Vegan seeds crackers

Today marks three years of me blogging on Travel & Food. Three years that I share recipes and motherhood related posts. Thank you for all your visits on this website, your comments and your kind words on social media. But here is to the main topic. I decided that this year, I will share with […]

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