A lebanese feast at Liban Express, Marseille, France

When we visited Marseille a couple weeks ago, we were invited to try the food at Le Liban Express in the 4th district. As it names clearly tells, it is a lebanese restaurant. There are no seated areas but we can take away or order. Two brothers are managing this place and it’s been running […]

Visiting Lyon while eating with the WagonBar

This weekend, we were invited to hop onboard of the WagonBar (which is a bus) to eat and tour Lyon in 3 hours. The bus departs from the place Bellecour, when we arrive we notice that the majority of people waiting are quite old but we don’t mind. We are ready to have a nice […]

What to do in Aix-les-bains for a week-end?

We really loved our time in Aix-les-bains, it was a first time for us. We are just 1h30 far by train and the tickets weren’t that expensive. Small town with a very family-like atmosphere, people are nice and commodities are perfect. Before starting on the activity list, here is the link of the Airbnb we […]

Xiao Chi, a peek at chinese culture in Lyon 1

I recently got invited to try the new menu from Xiao Chi in Lyon 1, a restaurant that wants to maintains the chinese tradition of xiao chi, which translate to “food around the corner”. This restaurant is sort of an equivalent of what we would call in France a “bistrot”, simple food that is very […]

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