Krakow city guide

Here is a city guide I made for you, it will help you getting ready for your trip and overall knowing what to expect when you land in Krakow! First thing I want to talk about : public transport. Cheap, simple and so practical. Once we got to the city center, we didn’t use it […]

3 cafes to try in Krakow

Polish are huge coffee drinker, night and day the same. It is not unusual to see them enjoying a big latte at 10pm. So Krakow is full of cute cafes and cake shops, here are three you don’t want to miss : Green Times  Located in Kazimierz, the jewish side of the city, this is […]

Traditional polish eating in Krakòw

I put together a list of a few places to eat traditional polish cuisine in Krakow all the while avoiding touristy places. There is a lot of restaurants in this city… Most of them are Italian. Surprised, this I was aha. So here you go for the polish restaurants! Well, before starting maybe I could […]