Visiting Lyon while eating with the WagonBar

This weekend, we were invited to hop onboard of the WagonBar (which is a bus) to eat and tour Lyon in 3 hours. The bus departs from the place Bellecour, when we arrive we notice that the majority of people waiting are quite old but we don’t mind. We are ready to have a nice […]

Xiao Chi, a peek at chinese culture in Lyon 1

I recently got invited to try the new menu from Xiao Chi in Lyon 1, a restaurant that wants to maintains the chinese tradition of xiao chi, which translate to “food around the corner”. This restaurant is sort of an equivalent of what we would call in France a “bistrot”, simple food that is very […]

The perfect brunch @ Øslow, Lyon 3

Tired of pancakes and scrambled eggs for brunch? I got you covered! Just near the metro station Place Guichard, at Øslow you’ll have a brunch with local ingredients (sometimes organic), home made, reasonably priced and a menu that changes every weekend! So let’s say you want to come every sundays in May, you’ll never have […]

Piada food, the italian street food HQ in Lyon

So we might start with a basic question : what’s a piadina? It is a traditional food from the Romagna region. Flat bread filled with either sweet or savory ingredients, eaten in the street. Traditionally, it was cooked on hot terra-cotta but now it’s more on plancha. I’ve never seen piada in restaurants here in […]

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