Activated charcoal cinnamon rolls

Well… I know. It doesn’t SOUND very appealing but what else could I title it ? All occasions are good to add a little bit of « healthy » in our everyday life. Why activated charcoal ? If you have digestive or guts problems, it really helps. It also detoxifies the body, good point. It lowers your […]

Homemade pumpkin purée

American people love their pumpkins! Pureed and canned precisely. In France, we don’t have access to this kind of product and I needed some for a few recipes so I figured I could just make some. So so simple I don’t even know why y’all buy it. It is not even a recipe more like […]


I discovered a product I never even heard of in the July’s Gourmibox. Bsissa? What is it? A mix of flour and barley flour, marjoram, anis, coriander and fennel. You can mix it with milk or water and get a drink or mix it with olive oil and sugar and get the dessert you see here. Taste […]

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