Gourmibox, Mediterranean’s finest food in a box

Gourmibox sent me their July box to test, taste and talk about it here on the blog and give you my opinion! The concept is pretty simple : 29,90€/month and you get a 8 to 10 products box based on a different theme each month. Here is what was in there and what I thought of […]

Summer stuffed vegetables

The notebook you see on the photo is always with me in the kitchen, it is full of drawings, measuring, recipes ideas and so much more. I love it. I always forget things if I don’t write it down so this is basically my portable brain for cooking. Do you own one? what does it […]

Easy overripe fruit cake

There is no way I’ll waste wrinkly apricots or forgotten nectarines that have been sitting on the counter for a little too long. Sooo I whipped up a quick little recipe to use those! Beautiful and absolutely delicious, of course. In this one, I used a dying banana and two wrinkly nectarines but if you […]

The smoothest chocolate mousse (4 ingredients)

Is the sun going to shine for a whole week without rain? I highly doubt that. Mid-may and it pours. Interesting weather. I’m making the most of it by making absolute comfort food dessert. I can, I mean it’s raining, right? Nothing better than a good soft and smooth chocolate mousse for dessert. It is […]

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