The 6 most viewed recipes of 2017

Here is a little top 6 of your favorite 2017 recipes. Thanks for this lovely year we had together, you’re are always more and more to read this blog, comment and follow me on social media. Thanks a lot. 1 – Cinnamon rolls 2 – How to make homemade tahini 3 – Spinach and mushroom […]

3 ingredients sweet potato gnocchis (vegan)

A healthy 3 ingredients recipe, easy and delicious. These sweet potato gnocchis are delicious with poultry and a cream sauce. I made this recipe vegan, only sweet potato, flour and salt. Rolling and shaping takes a little bit to get right and beautiful but you can find plenty of videos on YouTube. You can season […]

Overnight vegan chia pudding

Chia seeds are used in a lot of sweet recipe when it comes to vegetarian or vegan cooking. It has good nutritive value but more than that, it can replace the eggs in cakes! Magic. You can also make it a breakfast or snack simply by mixing it with some milk of your choice and […]

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