Mouhalabieh, lebanese orange blossom flavored dessert

A light and fresh dessert coming straight from Lebanon, Mouhalabieh is very easy to make and require very few ingredients. The texture is almost like a flan, it’s soft but hold its shape really well. You have to plan that a little bit ahead though because it must set in the fridge for a couple […]

Zucchini lasagna (low carb)

Zucchinis are back on the stall at the farmers market and I am glad to be using it again in this delicious low carb zucchini lasagna recipe. It is a perfect fit for dinner, no pasta, really light and filling. You still have that lasagna taste with the meat and white sauce but the zucchini […]

Sticky asian glazed chicken bites

Spicy chicken glazed in a sweet and savory sauce just like at the restaurant. Without leaving home and with easily available ingredients (or pantry staples if you like asian cooking)? I LOVE IT. I went a little hard on the chili, I won’t lie but we do like it really spicy. So if you’re a […]

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