Goat cheese and honey stuffed figs

A seasonal sweet and savory treat to serve as a starter or really just a snack. I’m not the biggest figs fan buuut covered in cheese and honey I’m not complaining. I’m in full Fall mode, sorry guys, sweaters are out, leaves are falling and temps are getting chill. You’ll see all the cheese and […]

Decadent chocolate cake

Nothing screams Fall harder to me than an ooey gooey chocolate cake. So comforting. Calories bomb : yes BUT so good for your soul. I mean… So good it’s almost healthy. This recipe is an absolute must for 2 reasons : 1) you can have an ooey gooey deliciousness in no time. 2) If you […]

Spinach risotto and lemony chicken

Temperatures are going down, I’m taking the comfort food back in. If you have picky eater in your house, that’s a great way to make them eat spinaches! It’s cut really finely so the taste is really mild.   For this recipe, I used the arborio rice I got in the July’s Gourmibox, the texture […]

Blackberries and lemon scones

Summer storms are in full swing around here and I’m thrilled. It cooled down a little bit during 2 days so I turned my oven on and baked some amazing scones with wild blackberries my friend foraged in the mountain. So good. I decided it would be fun to that with my 2 year-old and […]

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