Rustic rhubarb mini tarts

Mini rhubarb tarts to enjoy this delicious but short season that is rhubarb season! They look kinda rustic but I like it! Lots of crust so the textures are well balanced. How do you like your rhubarb? I also like strawberry+rhubarb pie, I posted the recipe last year. And crumble… Yummy. Rustic rhubarb mini tarts (6 […]

Tapenade d’olives vertes

I loooove tapenade, it’s a french olive spread made originally with black olives. I made a big jar of it at the beginning of the week to snack on it or to serve as an appetizers. It is so easy and budget friendly, I really think it is a must-do if you like olives! You […]

Lyon Bière Festival 2018

A few weeks ago I was at this beer festival in my city, a huge festival gathering independent breweries from a lot of countries and some food trucks. Here is a little tour of what I liked, tried  or saw! The flamingo beer from Hoppy Road, une bière bien acide à l’hibiscus et au citron vert. […]

No bake passionfruit cheesecake squares

Cheesecake is such a summer treat for me, refreshing and yet so satisfying. You can add a lot of fruits. Mine only contains 3 tablespoons sugar because I am so over cheesecakes that are waaaay too sweet and not even THAT delicious. Passionfruit works wonder with this creamy/crunchy dessert, it brings a little zing of […]

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