Pregnancy update : 25 weeks

This week has been all about paperwork and resting ! I am now 25 weeks pregnant. Baby is measuring about 34cm and is the size of a papaya. Her hands are fully developed ! I have been pretty tired lately so I took my Thursday and Friday off of work to rest and to have […]

Roasted turkey leg

This is so simple it is hard to believe it is so good. You put everything in the dish and you wait ! Meanwhile you drink a glass of wine outside in your garden and the day is cooler by then. We don’t have a garden but this recipe was made when we were at […]

Pregnancy update : 24 weeks

We made it to the sixth month of this pregnancy. Time is flying by ! Baby weighs 811g and is now the length of a corn cob. She is still moving constantly ! As we planned, we did our 6 months check-up on Thursday and good news, baby is in the good position, head down […]

Pregnancy update : 23 weeks

This week has been emotionally rough. Hormones are driving me crazy. Baby is now the size of an eggplant and is about 650g. She’s now getting used to some of the sounds she hears and she moves a lot. Talking about that, we can now see here through my belly when she moves, too cute, […]

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