Chicken lasagna

We had leftovers chicken in the fridge and I didn’t know what to do with it. My husband (the big lasagna fan) asked for lasagna. Well, let’s do lasagna then. It’s spring, we have a beautiful weather outside but I still need a little bit of comfort food whatever the season. This recipe is the […]

Honey duck filet with asparagus

During the week, I can’t spend hours preparing dinners, so it’s quick and light but still very yummy. That’s important because after a long day, you are always happy to have a moment to relax, eating good food while having interesting conversations with your husband. Duck filet is quite expensive but how versatile. Marinated, roasted, […]

Asperges rôties au parmesan

Je ne mangeais que très peu d’asperges avant. C’est récemment que j’ai eu envie d’en acheter pour les cuisiner et voir un peu le potentiel qu’elles avaient. Résultat plus que satisfaisant, je suis accro. Juste sautées à l’huile d’olive ou rôties au four, elles s’accommodent bien aux viandes rouges et assez fortes. Asperges rôties au […]

Sausages rougail

This recipe has been on my blog for a LONG TIME but I never actually translated it (I’m french if you’re wondering), so there we go. My husband is from Reunion Island so I kinda HAD to jump into that wagon because he just loves this food and I knew nothing about that. I don’t […]

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