Pregnancy update : 18 weeks

Pregnancy update : 18 weeks

I am now in my 18th week of pregnancy and feeling pretty great so far. Our baby girl is the size of a dragon fruit and is about 190g. She can now hear us and taste what I’m eating.

I get pretty heavy cravings for ice creams (it is -2° outside, nevermind) and at the same time I tend to eat pretty healthy because I don’t have nausea so I can cook pretty much as I was doing before (and I only gained 1kg so far, so proud of myself).

I AM SO OUT OF BREATHE. Haaa. Let me read something out loud and it will feel like you made me run 5kms, no joke.

I feel her moving but it is so light and delicate that sometimes I am not even sure it is her. My husband is crazy because he can’t feel her moves yet. I feel here moving from the inside but not when I touch my belly. It will come but we are so impatient.

We downloaded this app that is supposed to help us hearing the baby’s heartbeat but she’s too tiny for now, we’ve only heard a few pulsations. The app says that it works better after 30 weeks, so we gotta wait ’till there.

We will have the morphological ultrasound on the 19th of February where we will see if every organs, legs and arms are in place and functionnal. Scary but I look forward to it a lot, it is hard to wait.

The belly continues to grow slowly and I am using pure and organic Argan oil to avoid (or at least reduce, I hope) stretchmarks. I have none yet but I know I better get prepare for it.

My best friend sent me a package (she’s living far from us) with tiny little outfits. Just look at how cute it is :

Crazy to actually think there’ll be a baby in these onesies in 4 1/2 months !

My back is still hurting as hell when I lay on my back, it makes it hard to get up from the bed in the morning. My skin is really dry on my face and hands, I keep it hydrated but it just gets itchy. My hubby read somewhere that it happens sometimes, no worry but not really comfortable.

See you next week !