Dried fruits stuffed duck roast

If you could only smell the fragrance coming out of the oven right now, dried fruits tangled with duck fat, oh goodness. I prepped and made this recipe early afternoon to be able to take picture before the night came and let me tell you I had a pretty HARD time waiting for dinner that […]

Sea food pasta

Here is yet again a very simple recipe to make, it has a very big WOW factor, which is always good. I went the easy way by using frozen sea food mix but you could use fresh if you prefer, it’ll just be a little longer to cook! Garlic + parsley + lemon : can’t […]

Beef and vegetables pearl pasta stew

There is nothing more comforting than coming home after a long day to a cozy dinner full of spices filling up the air of the house. I made this delicious beef and vegetables pearl pasta stew to keep ourselves warm and cozy! There is so much nutrients and good stuff in there. If you are […]

Oven confit pork knuckle

Not the most photogenic recipe to shoot for sure, but this confit pork knuckle will rock your world with its melt-in-the-mouth meat, I had to put it up on the blog! It takes a LOT of time to make but it is so worth it. The potatoes, the confit garlic cloves, the sauce… Everything makes […]

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