What I didn’t tell you in the last post is that, as I’m 4 months pregnant, the Dr asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. OF COURSE WE DID. DOUBLE CRY MY FRIEND.

So here I am going to share with you how we announced the gender of our baby to our parents (my in-laws didn’t even know I was pregnant yet, surprise surprise).

We made them a little box with a personnalized set of M&Ms (my mother worship them), a tiny little pair of socks and a copy of the ultrasound. We sent it because my in-laws are living on the Reunion Island (11000kms far) and my mother is 500kms away too, so that was easier.

Here are the M&Ms (I took ecru and green for my mother and my husband took orange and ecru for my in-laws) :

The little socks :

So yeah, you know now that… IT IS A GIRL ! I am so grateful (and so does my husband, I see from there the daddy’s daughter she’s gonna be haaa). I wanted a little girl so much because I’ve been surrounded by girls growing up and I just keep telling myself that it will be easier (I know how wrong I am but let me dream). Anyway, we are crazy and yet trying to think of everything we need to buy to put in the nursery ! Exciting articles coming up, I promise.