Pregnancy update : 19 weeks

Pregnancy update : 19 weeks

Here I am, 19 weeks pregnant. Baby is the size of a grapefruit and is about 200-250g. She’s only awake about 6 hours per day at that stage. Lovely little creature.

This week I have been craving sardines and grapes like crazy. But I also crave everything healthy. I took a little bit more weight which mean I am now +1,5kg than I was pre-pregnancy.

We received the stroller we ordered and we’re pretty happy about it. We got it on sales so basically 40% off, great deal to get pregnant during winter sales, I tell you.

We also ordered the crib and some furnitures that will take place in the nursery. I am so excited about that !

We felt her kicking for the first time on Monday, not only moving but really kicking his daddy’s hand. My hubby was so happy to feel her too ! Emo moment.
I really feel her moves better now, she’s doing gymnastics around 1pm and 9pm each day.

I’ve had some recurrent sharp pain around the ribs that are so uncomfortable and painful, no idea what that could be. It comes and goes. It tires me quite a lot and I rest as much as I can but working a 8-18 job doesn’t really help I admit.

See you next week !