Pregnancy update : 20 weeks

Pregnancy update : 20 weeks

We made it halfway through this pregnancy adventure and I love being pregnant so far. Still 20 (long) weeks to wait before seeing her tiny little face if she does not decide to come say hello earlier. This wee girl is now the size of a mango and is about 300g.

I feel her kicking **constantly **and I love it so much. I could just lay down all day and watch her make my belly moves. She wakes me up at night because she is dancing so hard, little trickster.

Now onto the gory details, shall we. I am so constipated. I found out that the sharp pain I felt last week-end are just digestive problems. I am currently eating tons of plums and drinking about 2 liters of water a day to help and it is going a little bit better this week. I wish I’d have read that somewhere before dying from pain last week-end in my bed without knowing it was a pooping disorder. If you have any suggestions on how to fight this pregnancy trouble, I am all in !

I am still out of breathe 24/7.

I’m looking for a comfortable pair of shoes right now and cannot find something I like… We’ll see.

I think I might switch to maternity jeans very soon because my regular ones are starting to be a little too tight for my belly. I gained 2kgs this far and I feel good.

Still no stretchmarks to be found for now (thanks for my sanity) but I’m oiling this belly like crazy. No linea negra to be seen yet but I feel like my bellybutton is going to pop out anytime soon (it’s gonna be weird ugh).

I  have trouble with people trying to tell me how I should live my pregnancy. I know they are trying to help but I didn’t ask for your help so yeah, you can give me advice, suggestions but don’t try to impose what you think is good. We all live our pregnancies differently. Just because you did get an epidural and it was perfect doesn’t mean EVERYONE must have an epidural. Anyway. I love talking with people about that but please be respectful, we can not agree on everything.