Pregnancy update : 21 weeks

Pregnancy update : 21 weeks

I am 21 weeks pregnant and I feel like this post is going to be way too long !
Baby is the size of a melon and is 500g. This little pumpkin is going wild any time of the day now. Kicking and punching must be fun.

I gained 3kgs so far. It feels like a lot, like 3kgs in a month, what. But I am craving sugar so muchhhh, I can’t get enough. Crazy because I will usually prefer savory things.

I got myself two pairs of maternity jeans and this is the best decision so far. Aaah I feel so good in it. You can find some pretty cheap pieces at H&M that are really cute. I also got a t-shirt and 2 pairs of « mama » black tights. I am so disappointed with those though. They’re way too tight and they hurt my belly, so I am probably not going to wear them… Sadly.

We got our 2nd trimester ultrasound and it was so fun to see our little girl moving and kicking. She is doing fine and have no abnormalities considering the measurements that have been taken. Everything looked good.
She is in breech position for now but she still has 4 months to turn so I will not start to worry about that now.

I asked the Dr « Is it still a girl? » and he said yes, reassuring. My hubby bought some cute clothes for her that could not be used for a little boy.

I also talked about nosebleedings because I tend to have that a lot lately but he said it is just normal if it is a few drops. If it goes too bloody, I could buy some sort of pads that you put in your nose to stop it from bleeding (so sexy).

I found a stretchmark on my thigh but I knew I would get some. So yeah, I am disappointed but I don’t really mind it, it is not clearly visible. No belly stretchmarks yet. I might go a little bit MAD if/when it will appear.

Our next appointment will be March 13th so pumped for that !

See you next week !